Office Furniture by the Shechter Group

BOX & OUT specializes in manufacturing, importing, marketing and installation of high quality designed solutions for offices, workspaces, rest areas, schools, libraries, elderly care facilities and more. Our solutions range from a variety of furniture to industrial and custom made artistic woodworks and metal works, alternative design, acoustic solutions and more.

Our magic and uniqueness

Being part of the Shechter Group, famous for its textile designs, we offer endless design options in every piece of furniture taking full advantage of the wealth of textile patterns, thus enabling design freedom and unique style for both imported and locally manufactured products.

As you enter our new showroom in north of Tel Aviv, you can feel the difference. Color, variety, innovation and unique items that redefine office and leisure spaces are just part of the reasons why it is worth visiting.

Our professional team is passionate about design solutions. The deep understanding of design trends and workspace design ignites an immediate connection with the customer and provides the confidence that together we can make your dream design come true.

Our parent company, Shaul Shechter Upholstery & Textiles ltd. has more than 35 years of experience and success in styling and textile sales. This experience extends to BOX & OUT that focuses on design solutions and furniture

Our Unique Projects

Besides manufacturing, importing and marketing office furniture, Box&Out also specializes in being attentive and adjusting each project to the customer's characteristics and needs.

Each project starts with meeting the architect/designer where requirements and specifications are discussed. Suggestions and solutions are provided in accordance with office floor plan supplied by the architect. Professional counseling accompanies acoustics solutions as well. Each project is tailored made to fit each customer and includes taking measurements on ground to ensure accuracy before manufacturing.

Service and Project Management

Box&Out has 15 years of experience in "dressing" office and leisure spaces, ranging from very big projects to small ones, always succeeding in its capability of attending and fulfilling each customer's unique requests.

Among our customers are Maccabi Health Care, Fatal Hotels, Electra Co., The Joint Organization, Egged, The American Embassy, Tel-Aviv City Hall, Cisco, Radware, Ness, Linkit, Fresh Concept and many more. While working on a project we escort our customers from the beginning stages until the delivery and installments to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our Showroom

Established in 2016, our new impressive showroom spreads across 600sqm. in Tel-Aviv. The showroom brings forward all of our design capabilities being part of the Shechter group and presents advanced solutions to office and leisure spaces.
Box&Out is a company that lives and breathes design. We constantly update our showroom to expose our customers to the wide range of the newest and most innovative trends in the world of design.