חברה: Caimi
מעצב: Design Caimi Lab

System of sectional partition screens that can be fitted with accessories. Archimede is an open system formed by modular units assembled in a flexible way to produce several configurations, that can meet aesthetic and functional requirements.


מפרט טכני


אביזרים נלווים

Description: uprights made of square 30 x 30 mm, 1.5 mm thick tube, with holes and seats on one or more sides, to insert crossbars and panels. Painted with matt white or silver grey epoxy-powder coating.
Flat double base made in polished cast aluminium, with two high-tech polymer adapters to couple the base to the upright.
The base comes complete with top caps for the upright, 1 in grey high-tech polymer and 1 in transparent high-tech polymer.


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