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EVA.II impetuous modern design, wide range of functionality and universal features make it a great choice for work environments both in the office and at home. This chair can easily be adjusted to suit different needs.

Design EVA.II according to your own preference by choosing between the various frame, mesh and seat colour, as well as base options. The frame comes in white or classic black plastic, while the five-star base can be either polished aluminium or black plastic reinforced with fibreglass. By combining these with a black, grey or white backrest mesh and our wide selection of fabric and faux leather finishes for the seat you can create images that fit various interior designs.



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Suitability for individual needs

A task chair is meant for more than just a quick sit-down, so comfort and adjustability is imperative. EVA.II includes a synchro mechanism that allows the user to lean back without lifting their feet off the ground, thus avoiding leg strain. Tension can be adjusted according to preference with a handle at the back or side of the chair, while the backrest has as many as five different locking positions. Seating posture and comfort is also affected by armrests, which EVA.II has a wide selection of: from fixed, to height-adjustable, to 2D armrests with soft polyurethane pads on top.

Comfortable backrest

The backrest with a light, porous polyester mesh moulds itself to the curvature of the user‘s back, ensuring comfort and constant airflow, while a firmer plastic mesh grants additional support. For a yet even better fit to the shape of the user‘s back we recommend EVA.II with height-adjustable lumbar support.


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