חברה: Narbutas

Minimalist aesthetic and design

ICE draws attention with its exceptional aesthetic and elegance. Visitors coming to your office will be given a solid greeting by this monolithic reception unit.

The strict lines of the ICE reception unit create an impeccable shape, suitable for both fancy and ascetic office interiors.


מפרט טכני


אביזרים נלווים

Subtle combinations

Depending on your vision for the interior, choose between a cozy melamine, or a luxurious veneer finish. Various front and top combinations are also available. Using the same finish on the top, base and front will create a solid and minimalistic reception unit, which will be as clean and smooth as ice. On the other hand, introducing a different-coloured top or decorative inserts will allow you to subtly reveal the elegance of this reception unit.

Ergonomic workspace

The ICE reception unit conforms to the needs of an ergonomic workspace and fits either one or two workstations – a perfect match for NARBUTAS sit-stand or fixed-height desks.


מידע נוסף

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