Sodade Corner Cabinet KSMDL3 Gray

חברה: Koleksiyon

Sodade offers solutions to your storage needs. Like every Sodade element, it can be combined in different options in harmony with its stand-alone and other products of the family it comes together. It exhibits a more dynamic appearance with the lacquer options applied on the covers.


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מידע נוסף

Product Dimensions:

Depth: 76 cm

Width: 76cm

Height: 130cm

Material Information Used

Housings, shelves, covers and drawer boards ; It is produced by turning ABS around the edges of melamine tables.
Foot:  Level Adjustable Plastic Foot 

For materials and finishes:  2mm ABS edgeband suitable for the surface of the upper-bottom table, doors and drawer panel edges, and 1mm ABS edgebanding is used on the body. This makes the product look fuller. In the products on the market, 0.5mm or maximum 1mm PVC is used. ABS is the most ecological product among polymers. Since it is a chlorine-free polymer, unlike PVC, it does not create dangerous pollutants harmful to humans and nature when burned. It is also fire resistant.

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